Two staunch supporters taking a well earned break, They are standing at the back of a car having a cup of tea, or maybe it’s a coffee. They are rugged up against the cold with jackets and beanies. It is a misty, cold day in Tasmania. Photo: Heidi Krajewsky.
Photo: Heidi Krajewsky

Be involved

At the heart of The Bookend Trust is the belief that everyone can be involved with finding positive, co-operative solutions to environmental issues.

This may be through:

  • building a career
  • donating time, funding or expertise to an environmental cause
  • helping educate and inspire others about environmental values

Whatever your level of involvement, you are contributing to a larger, co-operative team effort to promote a better understanding of our world through education and discovery.

Five primary school students, in navy blue, long sleeved uniforms and hats. Four of the students are looking directly at the camera and smiling, one is busy with a microscope. They are undercover but outside and standing behind a table that has four microscopes on it. There are more students in the background, engaged in other activities.

Please email us if you’d like to join one of our projects or have an idea for a new one.